Our purpose here at Havenly Birth is to provide a safe place to discover and experience your own beautiful birth story. We offer emotional, physical, and informational support while advocating for you as you  journey through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. There are many choices and unexpected scenarios that can unfold during this intimate time. Having a birth doula with you will help you understand your choices while attaining a sense of empowerment and “I can” mindset. Everyone here wants to be your advocate, supporting your needs and preferences, strengthening your voice and maximizing the safety of you and your baby while supporting how you FEEL during your birth. 

Our model of care is built to serve each of our clients in the most thorough and personalized way possible. Libbys support is anchored in experience, knowledge, and professionalism from working as a registered nurse, lactation consultant, childbirth educator and doula since 2010. She has attended over 100 births and is confident in her skill set to hear you, support you, and advocate for you. Throughout pregnancy, you will meet with and build a relationship with Libby, getting to know each other, discuss your plans in detail, answer questions, educate, and have a labor rehearsal in preparation for your labor and birth. Once in labor, she will join you for your birth and support you and your partner throughout. Post birth she will eagerly await your postnatal appointment to love on your sweet addition, help you as you transition into motherhood, and process your birth. 

Premier doula package $1299, includes:

  • Unwavering Doula support during your birth. 

  •  1-2 Prenatal appointments during your pregnancy to discuss birth options and preferences along with a birth rehearsal practicing labor techniques.

  •  1 Postpartum  appointment set up by and for client convenience.

  •  Consistent communication via phone, email, and text.

  •  Unlimited 24-hour support two weeks prior to estimated due date and two weeks post birth.

  •  Access to all our resources, contacts, and information.


Just Enough doula package $999, includes:

  •  Unwavering Doula support during your birth.

  •  Prenatal appointment- your choice of either phone or video to discuss birth options and preferences.

  •  Consistent communication via phone, email, and text.

  •  Unlimited 24-hour support two weeks prior to EDD and 2 weeks postpartum.

  •  Access to all our resources, contacts, and information.


Virtual or In-person Birth Coaching Session $250, includes:

  • Two hours of coaching to prepare for your personal birth experience

  • One hour of postpartum coaching, navigating your new normal

  • Access to all resources, contacts, and information

Libby Forrester

Havenly birth's DONA trained and/or certified labor doula serves the Metro Atanta area in all settings- home, birth center, and hospital.  


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Havenly Birth provides doula services and placenta encapsulation for all births within the metro Atlanta area including home births, Atlanta Birth Center, Wellstar Kennestone Hospital, Wellstar North Fulton Hospital, Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center, Dekalb Medical Center, Northside Hospital, and other area hospitals.

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