My name is Libby- Founder of Havenly Birth

I am beyond thrilled you are searching for a doula to support and encourage you and your partner through this amazing life experience. Birth does not have to be a sterile unpleasant experience where you have little say. It can be a joyous, memorable, empowering, life event. You can play an active role while birthing your baby, understanding what all your birth options are, participate in major decisions such as where, how, and with whom you will birth. While I bring tools into the birthing room to emotionally and physically support you, much of the work is happening before you experience your first contraction. I invite you to verbalize and visit your dream birth. What does it look like? How do you feel? And how do we make decisions to get you there? We will unpack fears and mindsets. We will lean into you and your partners strengths and circle evidence based practices. 


There is a perfect doula for you who will offer the support that suits you well; now it is time for you to find her. To help you navigate these waters, I want to share with you why Havenly Birth may be your perfect fit. I am a certified birth doula through Dona International, serving all metro Atlanta. I will join you wherever you decide to birth whether you choose your home, hospital, or Atlanta Birth Center.


My journey began in 2014. While working as a nurse on the postpartum floor, a co-worker asked me to support her and her husband during the birth of their first child. Having a passion for mamas, babies, and all things birthing related, I was thrilled and honored by the invitation. Wanting to help my friend have the best experience possible, I completed training as a birth doula. I had no intent or idea this one experience would lead me to become a full-time doula, eventually creating Havenly Birth. Sometimes the best plans are the unexpected ones, right? I can see how God has had His hand in my life maneuvering me through several professional and personal ventures (medicated and unmedicated- hospital and home births) to prepare me for this career.  I am able to use my knowledge and skills along with my heart's desire to help support and encourage those around me. It is a gift and I am truly grateful to everyone who helped make my dream come true. I continue to seek training and education to better support, encourage, and advocate for my clients.  My heart is to have real conversations with women about their ideal births, explore options, and provide reliable resources that facilitate shared decision making throughout this unique process. I have a hands-on approach with my clients, sharing all the tools I have learned throughout my career with each of them.

Outside of birth, I love to travel. I enjoy visiting new and familiar places with my family. I love decorating and gardening- working on projects that make my house feel like a home, a Haven. I connect to life and God through music. In fact if I could pick any talent, singing with a guitar in hand would be at the top of my list . I love reading and listening to audibles. I stay active in the gym and I rarely turn down a good meal. I am active in my church and am always up for trying new adventures.  

Certifications and training include:
  • Registered Nurse 

  • Birth Doula, CD(DONA)

  • Certified Childbirth Educator, CCCE

  • CPR Certified

  • Previously S.T.A.B.L.E Certified

  • Previously NRP Certified

  • Lactation consultant, IBCLC

  • Spinning babies trained

  • Mentor doula with Georgia Birth Network

  • Personal epidural and unmedicated births within the hospital and home birth settings  

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Havenly Birth provides doula services and placenta encapsulation for all births within the metro Atlanta area including home births, Atlanta Birth Center, Wellstar Kennestone Hospital, Wellstar North Fulton Hospital, Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center, Dekalb Medical Center, Northside Hospital, and other area hospitals.

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