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Havenly Birth and Atlanta Birth Center

I recently accompanied a family as their doula who chose Atlanta Birth Center for their prenatal care and ideal place of birth for their baby. I left wowed. The details... its truly beautiful. Maybe even magical. The setting. The energy. The display of support and belief that hangs in the halls and on the faces and posture of everyone on the team. The tools available to help mama warrior through birthing her baby... the reaffirming nods and inclusion of dad.... A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

I did not attend the prenatal appointments with my clients, and typically don't. But by watching births unfold within this setting leads me to imagine the ebb and flow of these appointments- encouragement, preparation, solid resources and information.

The undisturbed moments between mom, dad, and baby moments after that first breath. The gentle and confidant touches of the midwife and nurse ... intimate and sweet.

I tell my clients regularly the most important decision you can make is your provider. Where that provider has privileges will determine your environment during the birth of your baby and how your baby is handled and cared for once he or she is earth side.

The women in this video are the women I serve everyday. You. Your story. Your family. Your baby.

Havenly Birth shares the same heart and mission as these incredible birth professionals. Along with them our heart is to be a part of a village that brings birth back. We believe in our sisters, our friends. We have hope for the birth options for our daughters.

After you watch this video, close your eyes and imagine the birth your heart desires. Imagine having a team that fully supports and advocates for you. Imagine a birth that is beautiful and joyous.....

The way you birth matters.

You have incredible options in this city. Search and seek. This experience will stay with you forever.

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