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The Sound of Life

Havenly Birth- Heartbeat

The sound of life. The emotions felt looking at this monitor, the anticipation of what is happening, listening to the sweetest heartbeat working his way earth side. It is one of the most miraculous moments life has to offer. This right here matters. This experience will be remembered and felt for a life time. It is an honor to stand in the presence of what is about to become. Doula work is my dream work. It encompasses the things in this life I hold near and dear. It changes me. It reminds me of what is important and how important birth is. Birth is the launchpad of life.

I am truly grateful for the life experiences that landed me here. Thank you to my clients that have entrusted me, and all of us here at Havenly Birth to enter such intimate spaces. I am in awe of you and your stories.

When I felt the nudge to step out of my nursing career into my full time doula career, I was unsure. I would be losing the security and the community- the pension, the guaranteed hours, the 401 K, the built in license renewals, the insurance, the bond with my fellow co-workers. Man oh Man. While I processed all the what ifs, my greatest what if was, what if I don't listen to what I believe God is asking me to do. What then? What if I am wrong and this isn't God at all?

Two years later, I am still here. And it is AMAZING!!! Blessing after blessing. Confirmation after confirmation. I am in awe of what God has done and the people brought into my life through letting go and letting God. Something clients and I talk a lot about through pregnancy while preparing for birth, and motherhood, and life.

In the spring I felt another nudge to take some time off. So here I am closing out 2018 with a grateful heart and so much appreciation for this work. I get to take the next few months and spend intentional time with my family and focus on self care and rest. It feels really good and really right.

Thank you to all my supporters and encouragers. Thank you to every person who has referred Havenly Birth. This business has been built by word of mouth and I am filled to the brim with joy and gratefulness. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

While I am taking personal time off- Ella, Mary, and Allison are still blessing families with their doula work and placenta encapsulation.

January 2019 is already filling up with amazing families and estimated due dates and I am super excited to see what God has in store. Until then....

Biggest of hugs and lots of love.

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