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VBAC Birth Story with Havenly Birth and See Baby at Atlanta Medical Center

Do you ever wonder if hiring a birth doula is worth it? Will she really be able to help you have the birth you desire? The birth you deserve?

I am here to tell you YES!!!  I have lived it, I have seen it, I have experienced it both professionally and personally time and time again. You are worth it.  Your body is worth it.  Your baby is worth it.  This LIFE EXPERIENCE is WORTH IT!!

I have heard the same birth stories you have heard; I have had the heart to heart conversations; I have wiped away the tears;  I have hugged so many mamas that have been broken by birth.

And you know what, I have had those same heart to heart conversations with women who speak of and carry the kind of strength that moves mountains. It is fierce. It is life changing. And it is inspiring.

I am a believer that God is passionately pursing each one of us.  I have watched him work and move through birth. Even when births do not go exactly as hoped, the heart transformation that occurs, that strength so many women talk about, it occurs when you believe, invest, go after, and make choices that align with your hearts desires.  Having a birth doula like Havenly Birth at your birth, is WORTH IT. 

This is one of those heart changing stories where mama found her God given strength. This mama has a fire in her belly that will positively impact her family all the days of their lives.

Full circle. Redeeming. God is so faithful. So good. 

"I just want to start off by saying Libby is A-MA-ZZIINNGGGG!

My husband and I met Libby in a birthing class she taught and we attended for our first child in 2014. When I first met her, Libby’s warm and caring energy radiated from her. She made me feel safe and powerful in my birth journey just by being around her.

I had my son Nov 18th 2014 and it was not the best experience. It actually left me scarred. Libby taught us in the birthing class that birth could be unpredictable so it was important to be flexible in our thinking. My birth plan definitely did not go as I planned. My son ended up being born by Cesarean. And I learned after the fact there were several things that could have been done so that he did not have to be. All of my perfect birth plans were out the door. I tried to remember the goal was a healthy baby and a healthy mommy and to be happy I had accomplished that. But the doctor who was so aggressive and cold and the nurse that did not seem invested during my birth continued to tug on my heart strings long after the birth of my son. I felt robbed of having the best birth experience I could have had (See my blog post at KimLOTheTherapist.com/blog for my entire birth story).

Fast forward to my second pregnancy, shortly after I found out we knew to immediately call Libby with Havenly Birth. I had to have her as my doula! We were so excited when she accepted us as clients. Libby told us she had a trip planned for her daughter the same day our baby was due however we started praying and believing from the beginning that she would be by my side at my daughter’s birth. Libby made sure I had all the resources I needed to make this pregnancy as smooth as possible.

She connected me with Dr. Jamie Michaels and Dr. Patrick at Michael Family Chiropractic who were amazing! She also connected me with Allison Fernandez with Placenta Services of West Cobb for me to have my placenta prepared for consumption (see my Blog post for more on this experience). 

When I was about 30 weeks pregnant I went to my OB appointment and was discussing my birth plan. They knew from my initial visit the goal was a VBAC however as it got closer to my due date they started to say things like “if you don’t have the baby by 38-39 weeks we will plan your C-Section” and “Even if the baby’s heart rate is off just a little we will do the C-Section…” I started to feel defeated and that I was again doomed to have another Cesarean. I called Libby after my visit and she immediately could tell something was off with me. She recommended I call See Baby to have a consultation with Dr. Bradford Bootstaylor to get a second opinion. As soon as we hung up I called and scheduled.

Well I loved him and what he represented; how he listened and was agreeable to assist me to have the birth journey that I desired. I switched OB’s 10 weeks away from my expected due date. Libby was right again, the staff at See Baby, from the front desk, to the CNAs, other office staff and Midwives were more than I could have ever imagined. The atmosphere and positive vibes were totally different than what I was use to at my old practice.

After talking with Libby all day on July 4th, I headed to the hospital after experiencing intense contractions. We got there at about 12:30 am July 5th and we had a baby girl by 1:56 am. She came naturally and we had a unmedicated birth. I did not think I could do it but with Libby by my side she made me feel like I could fly across the moon if I wanted. I couldn’t imagine her not being there. Her energy and everyone else’s at Atlanta Medical who helped deliver my sweet baby were awesome and so warming. I cried tears of joy! The vast difference having the right team makes on your birth experience is astronomical.

I know it was God’s plan to have us cross paths 3 years ago to bring us to this day. God’s timing was everything as Libby was able to be present at our birth and make her baby girl’s trip. Even after our birth Libby came to visit us and assisted with whatever we needed at home. She was available through phone or text for all questions well after the birth. Libby has become a part of our family. I am forever grateful to her and for her. I thank God daily."

If you interested in more information about having a doula present at your birth, Please contact me  for more information.

Havenly Birth provides doula services and placenta encapsulation for all births within the metro Atlanta area including home births, Atlanta Birth Center, Wellstar Kennestone Hospital, Wellstar North Fulton Hospital, Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center, Dekalb Medical Center, Northside Hospital, Piedmont Hospital, and other area hospitals. 















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Havenly Birth provides doula services and placenta encapsulation for all births within the metro Atlanta area including home births, Atlanta Birth Center, Wellstar Kennestone Hospital, Wellstar North Fulton Hospital, Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center, Dekalb Medical Center, Northside Hospital, and other area hospitals.

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